Home Tuition – How Can It Be Advantageous for Your Child?

Schools are meant to provide kids with the basic education that is needed prior to choosing a specific stream. However, school education has a one-size-fits-all approach and teaches pupils at the same pace whereas the pace of learning tends to vary with each child. This means that every kid learns at his own pace, something that cannot be accommodated by school education system. If your child fails to understand and grasp specific parts of the curriculum at the same pace as others, which is quite natural, it is a good idea to opt for home tuition. These are some excellent advantages of having private tutors to guide your kids at home.

Easy adjustment
Research shows that many children find it difficult to adjust to a new educational environment, even if it is the home or coaching class of a private tutor and not necessarily a school. At home, your kid will not feel any difficulty in adjustment and will feel more comfortable when he or she is learning from the tutor. Your kid will not feel embarrassed to ask questions, share opinions and seek advice from home tutors.

Complete attention from tutors

With a home tutor, your child can get complete attention and not have to share his tutor with others. The teacher will not need to concentrate on other students, and give his complete focus to your kid. This can help him to ask questions at any time that he likes, and not feel disinterested and de-motivated at any time during the study. Also, he will be unable to while away time as he will need to respond to the tutor at any given moment while studying.

No competition

Peer pressure can be extremely damaging for education. With a home tutor, your child will not feel that his actions and answers are being scrutinized by other students. Thus, he will be able to express himself more clearly and the tutor can spot his problems and weak areas. The tutor can even alter the curriculum in such a way that it gets more appropriate for your kid. With no negative sense of competition, your kid will not hold back his queries and feel free to make mistakes and learn from them.

Promise of better ranks

With complete focus and better understanding of the curriculum, your kid can offer more satisfactory answers and achieve better ranks in school. Even if your child is a decent student, he can fare much better in various subjects with more attention and a more suitable pace of learning.

Greater sense of confidence

With more personalized attention and the ability to dig into more detail about the curriculum, your kid can feel more confident about his studies and even overcome his fears of exams. You can even keep an eye on the extent of progress of your child and find out whether or his or her pace of improvement is satisfactory. With home tutors who are well-qualified, you can rest assured about the overall academic progress of your kid.

The True Value of Home Tuition Through a Tuition Agency

When it comes to your child’s education, having access to the best schools, information and support is paramount to their success. Education is the one great equalizer for all children no matter their background or economic level. This is because getting a better education will do more than just help them succeed in finding better employment, it will help them to think and figure out how to solve problems on their own.

However, while attending good schools is a great start, children who get a little more assistance at home tend to not only do better, but actually excel in their studies. This is particularly true of children who have difficulty with a particular subject. In such cases, proper home tuition is the answer to their needs that will help them with their education.

What is considered proper Home Tuition? The first step is to find the best tuition agency that can provide the services you need to help your child with a particular subject or help them in general with their education. Generally speaking, home tuition is needed when your child is having difficulty in a subject that you may not be familiar enough to properly teach or if you simply do not have the time.

A tuition agency will assign one of their staff to visit your home for an hour or two on selected nights to help the child understand and catch up so that they can excel in the classroom and more importantly understand and fully grasp what they are doing.
Home tuition means more than just getting good grades. When your child fully understands the meaning of all subjects they can carry that invaluable knowledge with them into their adult lives!

What are the Benefits of finding Home Tuition? There are a number of advantages that hiring a proper tuition agency will bring to your child and their progress through school.

1) Assistance – Many children will excel in most subjects, but they will also have difficulty in grasping others. In most cases the child has the capacity to learn, but not the right guidance to fully understand. Proper tuition will bring that understanding in a way that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

2) Convenience – Most tuition sessions last an hour or two and take place two to three times each week at your convenience. This means that your child gets through their homework faster and understands the subject on a more complete basis.

3) Low Cost РThe proper home tuition agency will charge a nominal fee that is designed to fit within your budget so the child can get the help they need. In this manner, you can really help your children get the full understanding of the subjects needed so that they can advance with their schoolwork and excel once they reach college level.

In the interest of your child’s education, the value of a proper tuition agency cannot be overestimated. They provide the best in terms of teaching the subjects that your children need to learn so that they can advance to fulfill their dreams.

Online Education – Advantages and Disadvantages

Online education is the method of getting education without any teacher via the internet. It is being delivered with the help of electronic media and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). You can get education in the form of text, images, audio, video etc. in e-learning. You are free to study at any time in your home or workplace. It is the new technique of learning. Most of the schools, colleges and universities in India are offering online learning to their students. Online education is good to save paper. It includes multimedia learning, Computer Based Instruction (CBI) and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). It is best suited for flexible learning and distance education. Instead of traditional education like classroom, it includes new technologies like getting educational information via the internet. Online learning is also called computer based learning. Different types of educational technology tools & media are used for it. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is going to deliver e-learning classroom in each affiliated school for online education.

Advantages of Online Education

Online Education has many pros. It is helpful to get a better education than traditional learning methods. It is considered as the most convenient way to pursue primary and higher education. There is no need to travel to the college. Students can access their courses 24 hours in a day. It develops internet skills to the students. Students can get up-to-date content that is always available at the time of requirement. It supports faculty-to-students and student-to-student communication for better learning. Students have continual access to study materials. E-learning programs charge less than traditional schools. It offers comfortable learning environment.

Disadvantages of Online Education

Although, online education has many benefits and best fit for the 21st century, but there are some disadvantages that should be considered. One-on-one interaction is found in traditional classrooms, but in online learning, it is missing. Although, students can interact with teachers through email and any other electronic media, but actually talking is not present. For those students who can’t manage their time, online study could be disadvantages for them. Most of the students prefer to listen to the lecture of teachers instead of reading from text formats and it is also a big problem in it.

It is best for pursuing higher education. It has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages. Students should have a better understanding about it before taking decision to pursue an online degree.